Gangstar New Orleans: Open World

An open world sandbox game that features high speed chases and adrenaline pumping shootouts

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    Windows 10 / Windows 8.1

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Gangstar New Orleans: Open World is a robust action-adventure game that allows players to build a criminal empire in the heart of Louisiana. In addition to the dark and seedy storyline, you can also travel through the city leaving carnage in your wake. Players can choose their own style of play, and that makes this game a great option for those who don’t like to be restricted to a campaign or competitive online matches. Whether you want to cruise through New Orleans or complete every mission with a perfect score, Gangstar New Orleans: Open World has a little something for everyone.

This title is a sequel to the popular game Gangstar: Vegas, and anyone who enjoys this franchise is sure to love Gangstar New Orleans. When you first start the game, you can either follow the linear storyline or travel throughout the city looking for quests as they pop up. If you choose to follow the storyline, then you will create a criminal empire while earning respect from other crime lords. Those who prefer non-linear gameplay can rob citizens, steal cars, and get into shootouts with the police.

One of the biggest advantages of this title is the sheer size of the game world. Players can travel all over New Orleans and check out some of the most iconic sites that the city has to offer. It is very easy to get lost in the open world, and you could spend hours traveling throughout the game without seeing the same streets twice. While the primary missions can be interesting, the depth of the city is this game’s greatest attribute.

Players are also going to enjoy the sheer number of items and vehicles that this game has to offer. As you make your way through the game, you can find new outfits, arm yourself with deadly weapons, and steal any car that is out on the road. This game also has few mechanical features that can’t be found in many other titles. During combat, you can roll around, jump, crouch, and lunge behind cover. Those options allow players to use a wide variety of tactics during shootouts.

When it comes to open world titles, Gangstar New Orleans is a great option. While the game has a few minor glitches, those bugs are to be expected in such a large world. Players who enjoy seedy open world games will be able to sink hours into this title without even realizing it. Once you are bored running from the police and collecting weapons, you can quickly transition to the primary storyline for even more gameplay.


  • Vast world to explore
  • Excellent combat mechanics
  • Wide variety of weapons and items to collect


  • Many of the cars are mechanically identical
  • Police chases can be glitchy
  • Minor graphical glitches

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